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St.Stephen Fire Department History

Department History

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The Town of St. Stephen Fire Department was established in 1873 as the Wellington Hose Company and remained under this name until the middle 1950's.

The Fire Department serves a community of 5,000 residents from the 24 hour manned Central Fire Station near downtown St. Stephen with a composite department with five full-time, one part-time and 24 volunteers.

The Fire Department has a unique feature in that two volunteers as well as one full-time firefighter are in the fire station each night.

We also operate a dispatch center for 15 other fire departments in the area.

The Fire Department has an automatic aid agreement with the Calais Fire Department of Calais, Maine.

The department operates from one station with three pumpers and one rescue unit

Calls average 140 per year.

St. Stephen Fire personnel provide a wide variety of services including fire safety inspections, programs in the Town Schools, and a proactive approach to fire safety in the community.